Capitol Dome at dusk
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Decentralize Government to Resolve Country's Divisions

by Joel Kotkin America is increasingly a nation haunted by fears of looming dictatorship. Whether under President Barack Obama’s “pen and phone” rule, or...Read more
Texas Shaped Pool at the Houston Marriott

All Houston Does (Economically) Is Win

by Joel Kotkin Casting shade on Houston is nothing new; sprucing up for the Super Bowl is unlikely to change its reputation. In 1946, journalist John Gunther claimed the only reasons to live in Houston were economic ones...
President Nixon

Nixon's Revolutionary Vision for American Governance

Luke Phillips examines how President Nixon, though speaking the conservative language of the Republican Party, governed within the boundaries set by the New Deal.

The Irony That Could Trip Up Trump's Quest to Make the Economy 'Great Again'

By Joel Kotkin... Perhaps no president in recent history has had more pressure on him perform economic miracles than Donald Trump, who ran on the promise...Read more

Post-election growth summit confirms SA now in economic driver’s seat

By W. Scott Bailey... New data from Joel Kotkin and other experts portrays San Antonio as one of the fastest-growing and most critically important economies in the nation.
Aerial View of Detroit

A Capital Improvement and Revitalization Idea for Detroit

By Pete Saunders You may have heard that Detroit is in the midst of a modest but enduring revival in and around its downtown. Residents and businesses are returning to the city...As a former Detroiter I'm excited to see the turnaround.
Bicyclists take a break below new buildings in Austin, Texas, on April 3, 2015. About 900,000 people live in Austin and the city expects that number to reach nearly 1.3 million by 2040. Austin and San Antonio are the twin anchors of a region that is experiencing the fastest growth in the United States. (Matthew Busch/Bloomberg)

America's Next Great Metropolis Is Taking Shape In Texas

By Joel Kotkin The region around Texas Highway 35 is called the Hill Country — it also turns out to be a growth corridor that is expanding more rapidly than any in the nation.

The New War Between the States

By Joel Kotkin In this disgusting election, dominated by the personal and the petty, the importance of the nation’s economic geography has been widely ignored.

Urbanism, Texas Style

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — It’s about economic opportunity—for all. Cities, noted René Descartes, should provide “an inventory of the possible”...

California’s Road to Leviathan: Joel Kotkin

By Joel Kotkin — At a time when technology and public opinion should be expanding the boundaries of innovation and...