California regulations price middle class out of midlevel homes: Wendell Cox

By Wendell Cox — There is a serious housing affordability crisis in both California and San Bernardino County, and it goes beyond the intractable shortage of affordable housing for low-income households...

The Cost of Not Housing: A New Report

By Joel Kotkin — This new report examines the economic impact of the lack of affordable housing...
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What Price Urban Density?

By Fanis Grammenos — We regularly hear the argument that living in a compact city is more affordable than living in one that is more spread out. But what does the data actually show about the cost of housing in compact cities, and the cost of transport in these dense places?

America's Housing Crisis

Collaboration by: Joel Kotkin, Wendell Cox, Michael Lind, Morley…

"America's Housing Crisis" Conference

The Center for Opportunity Urbanism (COU) "America's Housing…
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America's Next Boom Towns

By Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill — Which cities have the best chance to prosper in the coming decade? The question is a complex one, and as the economy changes, so, too, will the best-positioned cities.
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Where American Families are Moving

By Joel Kotkin — Much is made, and rightfully so, about the future trends of America’s demographics, notably the rise of racial minorities and singles as a growing part of our population. Yet far less attention is paid to a factor...

The Cities Doing the Most to Address the U.S. Housing Shortage

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox America is suffering from…


By Rick Harrison Will new American housing growth continue…

The Cities Where Your Salary Will Stretch The Furthest 2015

By Joel Kotkin — Average pay varies widely among U.S. cities, but those chasing work opportunities would do well to...