Millennials Search for Home...On Their Terms

How are millennials affecting the housing market? As millennials come of age and the older tier in particular begins to settle down, there are four key trends worth noting.
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COU Standard of Living Index 2017 - 2nd Annual Edition

In this policy brief, The COU Standard of Living Index, Wendell Cox provides cost of living estimates for new entrants to metropolitan markets, including prospective home buyers as well as renters.

America's Housing Crisis

Collaboration by: Joel Kotkin, Wendell Cox, Michael Lind, Morley…

"America's Housing Crisis" Conference

The Center for Opportunity Urbanism (COU) "America's Housing…
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America's Next Boom Towns

By Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill — Which cities have the best chance to prosper in the coming decade? The question is a complex one, and as the economy changes, so, too, will the best-positioned cities.
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Where American Families are Moving

By Joel Kotkin — Much is made, and rightfully so, about the future trends of America’s demographics, notably the rise of racial minorities and singles as a growing part of our population. Yet far less attention is paid to a factor...

The Cities Doing the Most to Address the U.S. Housing Shortage

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox America is suffering from…


By Rick Harrison Will new American housing growth continue…

The Cities Where Your Salary Will Stretch The Furthest 2015

By Joel Kotkin — Average pay varies widely among U.S. cities, but those chasing work opportunities would do well to...

The Houses Americans Choose to Buy

By Wendell Cox The US preference for detached housing…
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China’s Planned City Bubble Is About to Pop—and Even You’ll Feel It

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — U.S. housing planners have long ignored the public’s desire for...