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COU Standard of Living Index 2017 - 2nd Annual Edition

In this policy brief, The COU Standard of Living Index, Wendell Cox provides cost of living estimates for new entrants to metropolitan markets, including prospective home buyers as well as renters.
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Hurricane Harvey Whitepaper

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and the disastrous flooding, Houston has come under extreme scrutiny. Much of the current debate starts from a firm misunderstanding of the region’s realities.

Joel Kotkin Makes a Plea for 'Localism'

By Laura Bliss — Joel Kotkin, the urban contrarian, talks about why the suburbs offer our best hope for stitching America back together....
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Urban Containment, Endangered Working Families and Beleaguered Minorities

By Wendell Cox — Urban containment efforts, in the form of excessive land use regulation to stop development on the urban periphery a key to shortage of affordable housing.

Urban Future: The Revolt Against Central Planning

By Roger Weber — In Milton Keynes, perhaps the most radical of Britain’s post-Second World War “New Towns,” the battle over Brexit and the culture war that it represents is raging hard. There, the consequences of EU immigration policy, of planning instituted by national authority, and of the grassroots yearning to preserve local character have clashed...

How Zoning Rules are Helping Houston Overtake Chicago as America's 3rd-Largest City

By Mark Adams — As Chicago’s population shrinks, Houston is set to overtake the Windy City as...

Mass Transit Expansion Goes Off The Rails In Many U.S. Cities

By Joel Kotkin — Journalists in older cities like New York, Boston or San Francisco may see the role of rail transit as critical to a functioning modern city. Outside of a handful of cities, rail transit...
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What Price Urban Density?

By Fanis Grammenos — We regularly hear the argument that living in a compact city is more affordable than living in one that is more spread out. But what does the data actually show about the cost of housing in compact cities, and the cost of transport in these dense places?

How Commuters Get Railroaded by Cities

By Joel Kotkin — With more than $10 billion already invested, and much more on the way, some now believe that Los Angeles and Southern California are on the way to becoming...
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China’s Planned City Bubble Is About to Pop—and Even You’ll Feel It

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — U.S. housing planners have long ignored the public’s desire for...
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How California Could Have Avoided Its Epic Water Crisis

By Alex Manning — California's water crisis is the disaster everybody saw coming but nobody had the political will to stop: Joel Kotkin discusses the Golden State disaster...