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COU Standard of Living Index 2017 - 2nd Annual Edition

In this policy brief, The COU Standard of Living Index, Wendell Cox provides cost of living estimates for new entrants to metropolitan markets, including prospective home buyers as well as renters.
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Hurricane Harvey Whitepaper

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and the disastrous flooding, Houston has come under extreme scrutiny. Much of the current debate starts from a firm misunderstanding of the region’s realities.

Suburbs (Continue to) Dominate Jobs and Job Growth

By Wendell Cox — Data released by the federal government last week provided additional evidence that the suburbs continue to dominate metropolitan growth...
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How to Make Cities Livable Again

By Joel Kotkin — In his new book, The Human City, Daily Beast columnist Joel Kotkin looks at the ways cities succeed or fail...

Politics Move Left, Americans Move Right

By Joel Kotkin — In an election year in which the top likely candidates come from New York, big cities arguably dominate American politics more than at any time since New Deal.

Our anemic suburbs: Every urban area needs its outskirts — and New York City’s are in trouble

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — Little acknowledged in the discussion of New York’s “tale of two cities” is...

The Remarkable Story of the County That Has Done the Most to Reduce Income Inequality in America

By Chris Peak — Indiana Officials didn't set out to close the wealth gap. But that's exactly what...

So Much For The Death Of Sprawl: America's Exurbs Are Booming

By Joel Kotkin — It’s time to put an end to the urban legend of the impending death of America’s suburbs. With the aging of millennials...

Black Exodus: African-America Children to the Suburbs

By Wendell Cox — One of the most significant results of the 2010 census was the continuing shift of the African-American population...
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Mall's Washed Up? Not Quite Yet

By Joel Kotkin — The conventional wisdom wrote off the shopping mall long ago, but while no one was looking, the reinvented mall...
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Better Suburbs = Better Cities: Employment and the Importance of the Suburban Economy

By Ross Elliot — Australia’s inner city areas and CBDs are a focus of media and public policy attention, with good reason...
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Dispersion and Concentration in Metropolitan Employment

By Wendall Cox The just released County Business Patterns indicates…