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COU Standard of Living Index 2017 - 2nd Annual Edition

In this policy brief, The COU Standard of Living Index, Wendell Cox provides cost of living estimates for new entrants to metropolitan markets, including prospective home buyers as well as renters.
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Hurricane Harvey Whitepaper

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and the disastrous flooding, Houston has come under extreme scrutiny. Much of the current debate starts from a firm misunderstanding of the region’s realities.
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Economic Progress is More Effective Than Protests

By Joel Kotkin Ta-Nehisi Coates and the new wave of black…

What Jane Jacobs Got Wrong About Cities

By Joel Kotkin The peerless urban theorist misunderstood…
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Best Poverty Cure: Escape from Baltimore

By William McGurn — New evidence shows minorities now do better in the American South. Of all the “solutions” for post-riot Baltimore, the best poverty cure...
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Better Suburbs = Better Cities: Employment and the Importance of the Suburban Economy

By Ross Elliot — Australia’s inner city areas and CBDs are a focus of media and public policy attention, with good reason...
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Best Cities for Minorities

By Joel Kotkin & Wendell Cox Report on Best Cities for…
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Dispersion and Concentration in Metropolitan Employment

By Wendall Cox The just released County Business Patterns indicates…
Greenhouse Gas Regulation Effects and Climate Change

Greenhouse Gas Regulation and Climate Change

California Environmental Quality Act, Greenhouse Gas Regulation…
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America's Inner Cities Mirror Baltimore's Woes

By Joel Kotkin... Amid all the happy talk about the revival…

Gattis: MetroRail - the good, the bad and the ugly

By Tory Gattis New rail lines show value but also gaps in…