Satellite Image of New York CIty

2010-2013 Small Area Data Shows Strong Suburban & Exurban Growth

By Wendell Cox... The latest Census Bureau data indicates that suburban and exurban areas represent the overwhelming share of growth in metropolitan areas…

Generation X's Moment Of Power Is Almost Here

By Joel Kotkin & Wendell Cox It certainly seems as if boomers are in charge in America now, but Generation X is poised to dominate the near future…

The Emergence of Texas Urbanism; The Triangle Takes Off

By Henry Cisneros... Today we see economic vitality most evident in the remarkable emergence of the “Texas Triangle” encompassing Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Austin-San Antonio.

Texas-Style Urbanism Wooing Millions to Lone Star State

By Jennifer Goodman... Texas cities are attracting millions from around the U.S. and the world with the promise of decent-paying jobs, affordable homes and entrepreneurial opportunity.

How the Left and Right Can Learn to Love Localism: The Constitutional Cure for polarization

By Joel Kotkin... A return to more local control may be a cure for the growing polarization, as localism has fans on both the right and the left
Houston Map - 1873

Advancing the Texan City-Building Model

By Fanis Grammenos... Twice a migrant, my moves were propelled by a singular motivation: seeking opportunity to better my lot...
Hays County Courthouse - Historic District

A Summary of the Analysis and Motivators of Growth in the Austin - San Antonio Corridor

By John C. Beddow and James P. Lesage… Hays and Comal counties, part of Austin and San Antonio metro areas, are part and parcel of an emerging 80-mile long economic corridor between San Antonio and Austin, along the I-35.
San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio: Growth and Success in the Mexican-American Capital

By Scott Beyer...San Antonio consistently ranks among the nation’s leaders in population growth and job growth, experiencing the rapid urbanization once common among America’s legacy cities.
Kelly Field

Military Employment and Upward Mobility of Latinos in San Antonio

By Rogelio Sáenz... The long presence of military installations in San Antonio has been a key factor in offering upward mobility for Hispanics…
Austin Downtown July 4th

Opportunity Urbanism: The Tech Edition

By Ryan Streeter… Austin has been ranked the number one city for young entrepreneurs, small businesses, jobs, millennial homebuyers, singles, dog owners, and food trucks.