Bicyclists take a break below new buildings in Austin, Texas, on April 3, 2015. About 900,000 people live in Austin and the city expects that number to reach nearly 1.3 million by 2040. Austin and San Antonio are the twin anchors of a region that is experiencing the fastest growth in the United States. (Matthew Busch/Bloomberg)

America's Next Great Metropolis Is Taking Shape In Texas

By Joel Kotkin The region around Texas Highway 35 is called the Hill Country — it also turns out to be a growth corridor that is expanding more rapidly than any in the nation.

The States Gaining And Losing The Most Migrants -- And Money

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox — When comparing the health of state economies, we usually look at employment and incomes. Another critical indicator worth closer attention is where Americans choose to move, and the places they are leaving.

California for whom?

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Politics Move Left, Americans Move Right

By Joel Kotkin — In an election year in which the top likely candidates come from New York, big cities arguably dominate American politics more than at any time since New Deal.

Why has there been an exodus of black residents from West Coast liberal hubs?

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America's Next Boom Towns

By Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill — Which cities have the best chance to prosper in the coming decade? The question is a complex one, and as the economy changes, so, too, will the best-positioned cities.

Where American Families are Moving

By Joel Kotkin — Much is made, and rightfully so, about the future trends of America’s demographics, notably the rise of racial minorities and singles as a growing part of our population. Yet far less attention is paid to a factor...