Divided Nation

To Reunite America, Liberate Cities to Govern Themselves

by Joel Kotkin and Richard Florida Even setting the dysfunction of our national government, the fact is that no top-down, one-size-fits-all set of policies can address the very different conditions that prevail among communities.
Aerial view of Portland, Oregon

Portland Housing Stupidity Grows

by Randal O'Toole Here’s an incredibly stupid idea to deal with Portland’s housing affordability problems: Multnomah County proposes to build tiny houses in people’s backyard.
Failed residential development becomes modern ghost town

Suburban and Urban Housing Cost Relationships

by Pete Saunders In the Chicago regional housing market — and many other metro areas, familiar post-recession issues persist -- depressed prices, numerous foreclosures, and a razor-thin inventory.
The screwed generation turns socialist

The Screwed Generation Turns Socialist

by Joel Kotkin The Depression and WWII shaped the greatest generation, and postwar prosperity shaped the Baby Boomers. Millennials, battered by capitalism, move ever leftward.
Capitol Dome at dusk

Decentralize Government to Resolve Country's Divisions

by Joel Kotkin America is increasingly a nation haunted by fears of looming dictatorship. Whether under President Barack Obama’s “pen and phone” rule, or...Read more
Texas Shaped Pool at the Houston Marriott

All Houston Does (Economically) Is Win

by Joel Kotkin Casting shade on Houston is nothing new; sprucing up for the Super Bowl is unlikely to change its reputation. In 1946, journalist John Gunther claimed the only reasons to live in Houston were economic ones...
President Nixon

Nixon's Revolutionary Vision for American Governance

Luke Phillips examines how President Nixon, though speaking the conservative language of the Republican Party, governed within the boundaries set by the New Deal.

The Irony That Could Trip Up Trump's Quest to Make the Economy 'Great Again'

By Joel Kotkin... Perhaps no president in recent history has had more pressure on him perform economic miracles than Donald Trump, who ran on the promise...Read more

Post-election growth summit confirms SA now in economic driver’s seat

By W. Scott Bailey... New data from Joel Kotkin and other experts portrays San Antonio as one of the fastest-growing and most critically important economies in the nation.
Aerial View of Detroit

A Capital Improvement and Revitalization Idea for Detroit

By Pete Saunders You may have heard that Detroit is in the midst of a modest but enduring revival in and around its downtown. Residents and businesses are returning to the city...As a former Detroiter I'm excited to see the turnaround.