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Deep Ellum

by John Sanphillippo I recently wrote about the need to embrace reality when it comes to land use regulation. It’s not my intention to discourage people looking to make a positive difference; I’ve just seen how things tend to play out and it doesn’t exactly favor mom and pop operations that are juggling day jobs, raising kids...
California High-Speed Train

California's Global Warming High-Speed Train

The California High-Speed Rail Authority promises to “achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in construction” and is committed to operate the system on “100% renewable energy”...
Los Angeles Central Business District, by Doc Searles

Dispersed Cities: Starting the 3rd Decade

by Wendell Cox Cities (urban areas or settlements) have been around for millennia. Over that time, cities have changed in form and function. But the way that people move around the city has materially changed only twice.
Alan and Joel

Preparing for the Infinite Suburb

Hyperloop-One has a Q&A with Alan Berger and Joel Kotkin, co-authors of an upcoming book titled "Infinite Suburbia". This is the third in a series of conversations during Infrastructure Week.
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Driving Alone Hits High, Transit Hits Low in Post-Car City of Los Angeles

by Wendell Cox According to NY Times and other media, the car used to be “king” in the city (municipality) of Los Angeles. Multiple stories seeks to portray the nation’s second largest municipality as a rising transit city; but has Los Angeles fundamentally changed?
Tokyo View from Mori Tower

The 37 Megacities and Largest Cities: Demographia World Urban Areas: 2017

by Wendell Cox Many of the world’s biggest cities are getting bigger still. In 2017, the number of megacities --- urban areas with better than ten million people --- increased to 37 in 2017...
Photo credit: Hispalois via Wikimedia under CC 3.0

Bay Area Residents (Rightly) Expect Traffic to Get Worse

by Wendell Cox In a just released poll by the Bay Area Council a majority of respondents indicated an expectation that traffic congestion in the Bay Area (the San Jose-San Francisco combined statistical area) is likely to get worse.
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Urban Leaders Should Plan for the Public Transit of the Future

by John S. Niles Self-driving, automated cars are coming. There will be teething pains in many forms: some people will want highly automated vehicles while others will fear them.
Transit Stop Kiosk

Transit Ridership Down 2.3% in 2016

by Randal O'Toole With little fanfare, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) released its fourth quarter 2016 ridership report last week. When ridership goes up, the group usually issues a big press release...
Divided Nation

To Reunite America, Liberate Cities to Govern Themselves

by Joel Kotkin and Richard Florida Even setting the dysfunction of our national government, the fact is that no top-down, one-size-fits-all set of policies can address the very different conditions that prevail among communities.